The Story of an Australian conservation society: “ANGAIR: the first 50 years” by Roslyn Gibson.

I recently arrived in Australia two months ago for the second time and freshly joined the Barwon Estuary Project. It was time I wrote my first post.

As a new member of the BEP I attended my first group meeting hosted by a lovely couple, Margaret and Martin. I was excited, it started to feel like I was officially a member of this. I was still unknown by the majority of the people in the room, as was my partner, John. However, there was more news to come. Roslyn Gibson, member of BEP and the ANGAIR society, was happy to present her book, just recently published, to the rest of the group. By the end of the meeting this book arrived in my hands.

The name ANGAIR and their work was unknown to me, but just by having a quick look at their pages I could get a grasp of the contribution to the environmental conservation the ANGAIR Society has been promoting since its beginnings in 1969. The book relates the history of an Australian conservationist society from the details of its formation 50 years ago in a coastal town in the State of Victoria, their contribution with other conservationists groups, their activities such as monitoring, maintaining and enhancing the indigenous vegetation, educational activities, and basically a good handful of the reasons why they became a successful conservation society in Anglesea and Aireys Inlet.

To me, the work of Roslyn Gibson is an inspirational story of how a community building a network and working together can bring great results. It’s a good example for younger generations who dream to have a positive influence on the world.

The book can be ordered from the link below:

Reviewed by Loreto R