Project Outline

The project is occurring in 3 stages:

Stage Three – 2018:

  • Continue community education programs.
  • Create and publish the Journal of the Barwon Estuary, a high quality community documentation of the importance and fragility of the Estuary. The Journal will also include the stories of individual and group initiatives to protect the biodiversity of the Barwon Estuary.

Stage Two – mid 2016 – end 2017:

  • Create and publish Barwon Estuary Nature Watching Diary.
  • Develop and deliver community education program.
  • Collect and collate estuary data.

During Stage 2, citizen scientists, artists and writers of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove record their observations over time of flora, fauna, water and landscape from the Barwon Heads/Ocean Grove Bridge to Lake Connewarre and Reedy Lake in a variety of ways:

  • on the Museum Victoria website,
  • on this project blog via
  • in community exhibitions and performances and
  • in a specially created individual Barwon Estuary Nature Watching Diary.

Recording methods can include data entry, photography, reflections, poetry, song and/or art. In community workshops, expert lectures and seminars and Estuary guided tours participants are refining their scientific, historical and creative skills. The community education program includes:

  • 3 bird photography workshops
  • 3 creative writing workshops
  • 2 art workshops
  • 3 science lectures
  • 2 seminars
  • 4 seasonal guided Estuary walks
  • 3 school programs
  • public displays

Stage One – late 2015 – mid 2016:

Recruit participants, formulate project, create infrastructure. This stage is now complete. A Working Party of 7 local residents has been established and meets regularly. A Reference Group representing 19 stakeholder groups has been established. Members are actively supporting the project and a Reference Group information session is planned for mid 2017. Data gathering and collation and dissemination systems have been established. A schools program and a media strategy are being developed. A detailed project plan exists. A project-related art and photography exhibition has been on show at Starfish Bakery, Barwon Heads.

Become a project participant

  1. Register for a community education activity or simply join our mailing list by emailing your contact details to:
  2. Send your photos of the Estuary, your scientific observations and your creative responses to for publication on this community blog. Your contribution should be accompanied by your name, email address, phone number and the date of the work.
  3. Alternatively, you can post your photos directly on the Museum Victoria website . Follow the link to Barwon Estuary Project.