The Nature Watching Diary

Barwon Estuary Project: Nature Watching Diary

What can you see on the Barwon Estuary in May? Which plants are flowering? Are any of the migratory shorebirds still around? How high are the tides? How vivid or subtle are the sunsets? Which insects abound as we head towards winter? How is human activity adapting to the cooler weather?

Look carefully, enjoy the experience and record it in your Nature Watching Diary so others can share your observations. Write a carefully crafted poem or just a few random words, draw a picture, take a photo and paste it onto the page, do some research about the mangroves and share what you have learned. How is the Estuary environment different from this time last year or ten years ago?

The Barwon Estuary Project’s Nature Watching Diary has just been published, and if you’d like to participate in documenting the changing features of the Estuary throughout the year, ask us for your own diary. It’s free! And we may ask your permission to use some of your creative or scientific observations in our next publication in 2018, the upcoming community-generated Journal of the Barwon Estuary.

To participate in the project and receive your free copy of the Nature Watching Diary, send an email to, including your name, mobile number, email address and street address for delivery. Or you can collect a copy by leaving your details at Barwon Heads Bendigo Bank or Bookgrove in Ocean Grove.

Margaret Griffith

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