The Barwon Estuary Project

Do you love the Barwon Estuary?


Do you use it for walks, fishing, boating, photography, inspiration?

Would you like to share your observations and deepen your understanding of the Estuary?

The Barwon Estuary Project aims to increase our community’s knowledge and appreciation of the biodiversity and fragility of our local treasure, enabling us to all care for it more effectively.

The project team is calling for participants to record their Estuary observations online or in a customized diary, attend workshops, guided walks and expert talks, and have an opportunity to contribute to a creative community publication.

As well as this, the project team is gathering and sharing data and creative reflections by our citizen scientists and citizen artists. All activities are free for project participants or at a very low cost. All ages are welcome. See Coming Events for details.

For more details about the project plan, use the menu option above, or follow this link to the project plan. The significance of the Barwon Estuary is outlined here.