Guided Walk Report

Saturday’s walk along the Barwon Estuary was not for the faint hearted. It was a sharp reminder that winter is once again approaching, and it was actually lovely to rug up and feel the rain on your face, which we certainly did!

This time we started our search at the end of River Parade at Moonah Park. The Coastal Saltmarsh plant community is very evident in this area along the River, although for people new to these plants, it first seems a little daunting trying to distinguish one patch of green from another. The secret is to concentrate on a small area, and just stare at it. In one such patch, it was evident that there were 3 different species of saltbush, beaded glasswort as well as Twin leaf and bower spinach.

The Beaded Glasswort is quite prolific along the track that heads from the carpark along by the farmland and on to the levies.The Beaded Glasswort is flowering at the moment, although you have to look hard to find the tiny little flowers that form on the tips of the segmented succulent stems. The following seeds are an important food plant for the migrating rare Orange Bellied Parrot, that arrives from Tasmania in the Autumn and overwinters along this coastline.

Although we didn’t see any Orange bellied Parrots, the Blue Wrens seem to be enjoying the rain, as we squelched pass, warmed by our enthusiasm for these amazing adaptable and resilient plants.

beaded glasswort

Beaded Glasswort – Sarcocornia quinqueflora

Cassandra Twomey

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